Lazy Lunch at the Lake

BLT – the perfect cottage lunch

I am still struggling to pull myself away from the beautiful beach to cook and blog. We’ve been enjoying a lot of meals one would expect to eat at a cottage – grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled potatoes, crisp salad etc. My BLT lover friend was here the other day and, you guessed it, we enjoyed BLTs for lunch. I didn’t even use fancy bread (it’s hard to find here), so we had our BLTs with grocery store Italian bread – toasted, of course. We did enjoy heirloom tomatoes and the bacon was the super thick cut that I buy from John Henry farms (they have a booth at our local farmer’s market, but they also deliver). What goes better with a BLT than sour cream and onion potato chips? We even ate off of cute plastic plates adorned with sailboats. I am going to try out a new risotto idea and I think I might pair it with a cranberry braised chicken – that is if I don’t spend too long at the beach and watching the Olympics.

The view of Lake Huron from the cottage

And it’s beautiful even after it rains

Humphrey training for Olympic kayaking




One response to “Lazy Lunch at the Lake

  1. Sounds perfect!

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