The Diet – Day 1

Yes, it’s true, Bryan and I started a diet today. It’s rather intuitive that being an adventurous cook with a taste for rich gourmet food and starting a food blog is not a good recipe for one’s waistline. We will be eating a lot of vegetables and lean protein over the next few weeks, but I’m going to try to be as creative as I can, and I still have a few “pre-diet” recipes to post. Tonight we had Grilled Mustard Garlic Chicken Breasts and steamed broccoli. The chicken was a new concoction (I’ve never marinated chicken without Olive Oil), and it was actually really good, so I’ll post that recipe soon. Now, let’s keep in mind, that I have been hungry all day, so maybe the chicken just tasted good because I was hungry.

I don’t want to go on about the details of the diet, but let me just say that Day 1 was rough. I was texting my “don’t go on a diet because then you can’t go out for lunch and cocktails with me friend” while I was walking the dog. I’m sure she won’t mind if I share the dialogue. It kind of encapsulates my hungry state of mind. (I am K, and she is F)

  • K: I’m going to eat a dining room chair.
  • F: That’s troubling to me…
  • K: Because I’m that hungry or because the chairs are nice?
  • F: Cause you’re that hungry. I’m eating pot pie from Mrs. Kravitz.
  • K: Nice, someday I, too, may eat that.
  • F: If you don’t eat your own lips off first.
  • K: Right, dog leash might be tasty.
  • F: I hope I don’t find you grazing in the backyard like a goat.
  • K: I would be enticed if a tin can was involved.
  • F: Preferably with bacon grease inside.
  • K: Now that’s just mean, my mouth is watering.
  • F: Sorry, but bacon is good.
  • K: I know, it could end wars.
  • F: Indeed, I hear the FBI is using it to negotiate hostage situations.
  • K: Humphrey just discovered an abandoned bun on the sidewalk – I almost fought him for it.
  • F: You’d have won.
  • K: No doubt. Gives new meaning to street food.
  • F: Who needs a food truck when you have litter?
  • K: Right, Could be a new Food Network show.
  • K: Remind me never to become so passionate about a cause that I am willing to go on a hunger strike.
  • F: Right, that would just be stupid.
  • K: Just saw a bunny – thinking Hossenfeffer.
  • F: My cousin could whip you up a tasty meal.
  • K: Humphrey would fight me for that one- he’d probably win that one.
  • F: Indeed.
  • K: Did you know that sauerkraut is a probiotic? You can now feel very healthy about eating a Reuben.
  • F: Great. How does the 1000 Island factor in?
  • K: Probably not so good.
  • K: Wish I new more about mushrooms, I just saw a huge one.
  • F: LOL


2 responses to “The Diet – Day 1

  1. I feel bad for your friend

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