Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties with Grilled Onions and Wasabi Hollandaise Sauce

I had never had salmon patties until I went on the “diet.” Bryan grew up eating them, and my neighbor makes them all the time, and now I see why… yum! The first time I made them I used canned pink salmon, and they were great. But the second time I made them, I used leftover teriyaki glazed salmon, and they were amazing! It’s not often that one would have leftover salmon, so don’t wait for that occasion – try these with canned salmon. The measurements for the canned salmon are exact, but if you’re using leftover cooked salmon, you’ll have to approximate based on how moist the salmon is and how flavored it is. I also added about 1/4 cup of panko bread crumbs to the teriyaki salmon version because the patties were a little too loose.  I served these with leftover Wasabi Hollandaise sauce, but you could substitute Wasabi Mayonnaise (just add a little wasabi powder to prepared mayonnaise). Also, if it weren’t for the “diet,” I would have put these on an awesome toasted bun. Serves 4.


  • 2 14 Oz. cans of Pink Salmon (Wild Caught – if available)
  • 2-3 Scallions (Green Onions) – chopped, green and white parts
  • 1 1/2 TBS. Old Bay Seasoning
  • 1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 tsp. Ground Mustard
  • 2 Egg Whites (or you can use 1 whole egg)
  • 1 TBS. Olive Oil


Combine all ingredients except olive oil in a non-reactive bowl.

Leftover teriyaki salmon

Canned Pink Salmon


Form mixture into four patties.Add olive oil to a medium skillet and heat over medium. Add patties to skillet and cook until browned on one side; flip and cook until browned on the other side. Serve immediately or place on a baking sheet and keep warm in a 200 degree oven.

Canned Salmon Patty




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