Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Valentines Day Sugar cookies

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Last year my daughter and I made a couple of huge trays of heart shaped cookies for the February Blood Drive at our school. I cannot claim that the cookies were homemade (we purchased frozen hear shaped cookies from Gordon Food Service), but they were, nonetheless delicious. We had fun (and made a mess) decorating the cookies, and all of the blood donors and Red Cross volunteers and workers were very appreciative. For the frosting, all you do is combine powdered sugar with a little bit of water until you reach the desired consistency – then color with food coloring. Coloring the frostingThe perfect red frostingWe stuck with the three basic Valentine’s Day colors of Red, Pink and White. We also used sprinkles and sanding sugar. There are tons of great recipes for traditional sugar cookies, and most of you probably have one already, so I’m not going to provide any links; my theory, however, is the simpler, the better. If you’re making large quantities, as we did, consider buying frozen cookies already cut into shapes; the recipients probably won’t mind that they’re not totally homemade, they’ll just delight in the creative decorative techniques. A few samples of valentines cookies

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