Mini Easter Eggs

Mini Easter Eggs (Dyed Quail Eggs)

Mini Easter Eggs (Dyed Quail Eggs)

Now that my kids are teenagers, they are no longer interested in decorating Easter eggs. I love Easter eggs, and, in my opinion, they are a necessity to a well decorated Easter table. For last year’s table I used my favorite Araucana eggs on my table; they are nature’s Easter eggs. This year I decided it would be fun to try to use my second favorite type of eggs – quail eggs. They are little tiny speckled eggs and are beautiful in their natural state, but I decided it would be fun to try to dye them. I love the results. I used a simple dye made from food coloring, warm water, and vinegar. I didn’t get too crazy with different colors, but I’m sure there are many more possibilities. I experimented with different shades by leaving the eggs in the dye for different amounts of time; for the more pastel shades, shorter soaks work well, but for really deep, luxurious colors, let the eggs soak for a couple of minutes. The greatest challenge with these Easter eggs is finding a quail egg supplier. Most Asian grocery stores carry quail eggs, and you could try specialty/gourmet stores or a Whole Foods. I hard boiled the quail eggs because I hate the process of blowing eggs – I always feel that I’m going to burst a blood vessel in my brain. If you use raw or hard boiled eggs, remember to keep the eggs refrigerated until you are ready to use them to decorate.


  • Quail Eggs- hard boiled or blown out
  • Food Coloring
  • White Vinegar
  • Water


Set out enough small bowls for however many colors you want to use (remember you can adjust colors by adjusting the amount of soaking time). For each color combine 1 Cup of Hot Water with 1/4 Cup of White Vinegar. Add food coloring until desired color is reached. Listed below are the colors that I used along with the number of drops of food coloring for each.Thru March 20 141

  • Blue: 10 Drops of Blue Food Coloring
  • Green: 8 Drops of Green Food Coloring
  • Red/Pink: 4 Drops of Red Food Coloring
  • Yellow: 5 Drops of Yellow Food Coloring
  • Aqua: 4 Drops of Green and 4 Drops of Blue Food Coloring
  • Orange: 4 Drops of Red and 3 Drops of Yellow Food Coloring
  • Purple/Lavender: 4 Drops of Blue and 3 Drops of Red Food Coloring

Thru March 20 143Thru March 20 155


3 responses to “Mini Easter Eggs

  1. Beautiful yet tasty…. A true Easter treat

  2. What a terrific idea, Katherine! I was just at an Asian grocery today–I should have taken a peek to see if they had quail eggs in stock. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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