Mixed Spring Green Salad with Pear Grilled Shallots and Fried Gorgonzola

Through March 15 134It seems strange to post a simple salad recipe, but this is a classy little salad that always seems to please guests. I start with good fresh spring greens; you can buy them loose, but there are pretty good mixes available in bags. You can add a variety of vegetables, but I usually include a bit of red onion (in this case I browned some shallots), some sweet grape (yellow or heirloom if possible) tomatoes and the key ingredients – pear and fried Gorgonzola bites. You can use whatever type of pears look best, but I prefer either the Bosc or Asian pears because they are crisp and flavorful. The fried Gorgonzola discs always delight guests. You can use any type of blue cheese, but I just love the Gorgonzola flavor and it’s a softer cheese, so it’s easy to form into discs. The difficulty with sharing this recipe comes with the dressing. I love a good vinaigrette and almost always dress my salads with a simple vinaigrette – the problem is that I just kind of make it up as I go along.  Sometimes I will use a flavor infused olive oil (blood orange and Meyer lemon are two of my favorites), and other times I’ll add a flavored vinegar (I just used the last of my cherry balsamic). I always use two parts oil, one part vinegar (or combination of vinegar and other citrus like lemon juice), a squeeze of Dijon mustard (equal to about 1/2 part), and salt and pepper. You can add herbs, garlic, or minced shallots as a nice addition. The key is to taste as you go and adjust accordingly. To make the Gorgonzola bites: form Gorgonzola into small balls (about the size of a large marble) and then flatten. Dunk in an egg wash (beaten egg) and then roll in Italian Bread Crumbs (you can substitute regular bread crumbs and add your own seasoning if you prefer.Through March 15 118 You can do this in advance and allow to chill in the refrigerator. Through March 15 119Add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of a small saute pan and heat over medium high. Fry the Gorgonzola discs until browned on both sides (turning once). Drain on paper towel and add to salad.Through March 15 132

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