I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but, more recently, it’s really become a passion. I love cooking for friends and my family (my worst critics). People have asked me for recipes and, unfortunately, I don’t always work off of a recipe. This blog forces me to document my recipes. While I am by no means a gourmet, or even trained cook, I am an adventurous cook and have had some successes. What I love about the blog is the ability to include step-by-step photos. I think this is important for cooks who are not as comfortable in the kitchen. The downside, for me, is that it makes cooking less whimsical as I have to keep track of measurements and photograph both the process and the finished products. The photos you see are not overly “styled,” although I do try to make them look appealing; all of the dishes were prepared to be eaten. For some of my more standard, commonplace recipes, I will probably post the recipes without the photos which can always be added at a later date. I hope to inspire others to try new recipes and techniques. I encourage you to leave a comment, suggestion, or question; I promise to respond.

It’s challenging to work full-time, raise two kids, care for a very spoiled dog, cook, and write a blog. There you have it, my excuse for my somewhat slow start. I’m hoping things will get easier.

4 responses to “About

  1. I enjoyed reading your About Me. Funny about the photo-taking. I find myself plating my cooked food differently just to photograph it before we eat. All the cooking I do is for eating right after too. Before my husband begins to eat he’ll ask, “Did you take a photo of my plate first?”

    • Thanks for reading. My boyfriend is the same way about the photos; he’s just grown used to it. My kids have commented that since the blog, we’ve been eating with more variety – they grow tired of chicken stir fry.

  2. This looks wonderful Kath! I think it will definitely inspire my cooking here in NH. My family thanks you. Well done!

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