Easter Table

Easter Table

This year most of Bryan’s family will be out of town for Easter. Since we have a small house and a relatively small dining room, hosting smaller groups is ideal for us. While I love packing everybody into the dining room (we’ve had as many as 14 for brunch), I also love to have the extra room to properly set the table. So, we decided to have an early Easter with just our family and a few friends. (Look for the menu and recipes to be  posted on the blog). This table was inspired by several key elements, including “real” Easter eggs – green, blue and pinkish brown eggs from Araucana chickens, daffodils (my favorite spring flowers), and Cream of Sorrel soup. Each place setting has its own egg, in an egg cup with some freshly cut grass – I thought about using the eggs as placecards, but 1. I hate assigned seating, 2. I didn’t want to ruin the natural beauty of the eggs by writing on them.

Sorrel soup was the impetus for the small cabbage shaped bowls. Sorrel comes up early in the spring and sorrel soup is a delicacy that is not readily available. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of sorrel to make the soup. I really wanted to serve sorrel soup for Easter, but knew that I would only be able to offer each guest a small amount. So as to not look skimpy, I went out in search of pretty “little” bowls. I found these small bowls (which would be great for dips as well) at Pier I Imports. I love daffodils – they just speak Spring, but I needed a splash of color, so the purple hyacinths were perfect. When I think of Easter, baskets, and eggs, I think of grass. Wheat grass is available live at specialty grocery stores – I was lucky enough to find the wheat grass at Meijer. Not only is it cool as a decorative element for an Easter table, you can feed it to your pets (Humphrey loves grass) or put it in a smoothie.

Spring brings so much beauty and inspiration that there’s no reason not to enjoy a beautiful Easter or Passover table.


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