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Grilled (Roasted) Corn

Roasted Corn - editedGrilled corn is a summertime favorite – a staple in our household. Years ago when I lived on a horse farm in New Hampshire, we would have a huge pig roast – almost as popular as the roasted pig was the roasted corn. We would soak the corn in the husks in a big bucket of water and then throw the corn on the grill. The corn essentially steamed in the husk, and it was tender and delicious, but it didn’t have that “roasted” flavor and it was inconvenient for guests to have to husk their own corn. Now when I grill corn, I simply brush it generously with olive oil and season it well with salt (Kosher or coarse sea salt works best) and pepper. On occasion I’ll add some cayenne or a cajun rub, but, mostly, I’m a traditionalist. When selecting corn, I’m of the school of thought that you should NOT peel back the husks to inspect the corn. My mother taught me that the minute the kernels are exposed, their sugars start reacting and the corn’s freshness is sacrificed. The trick is to just take your chances and, most importantly, just buy extra corn in case you come across one or two less than perfect ears. As fate would have it, I usually end up with all perfect ears which means I have extra for leftovers. Leftover grilled corn is great for roasted corn salsa, roasted corn risotto, or roasted corn mayonnaise for steak sandwiches. I’ve also used it in pasta salad, soups, and savory scones.


Heat a grill to about 300 Degrees. Shuck the corn and generously coat with olive oil. Season generously with salt and pepper or your favorite spicy seasoning mix. You can also sprinkle with fresh or dried herbs if you’d like – so many options! Place the corn on the grill (not directly over the flames/coals). photo (6)Roast for a couple of minutes (until the kernels start to brown) and then turn. Continue until roasted on all sides and tender to the bite.